14 Absolutely Awesome Income Ideas That will Pay off your Daily Expenses!

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#1. Start Your Blog

There are numerous ways you can earn by means of Blogging.

Some of them include:-

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Your E-book
  • Selling your own service
  • Paid Guest Posts

#2. Start selling your Photos Online

These are the websites that you can start off with selling your photos online.

  • Alamy
  • Shutterstock
  • iStock Photo
  • PhotoShelter
  • Fotolia
  • PhotoMoolah
  • SmugMug

That’s Not All… There’s an App called FOAP…

Where you can share your videos and photos, & When anyone finds it and makes a purchase, you will get 50% of the revenue and the other 50% of it will be taken by Foap.

#3. Sell your own handcrafted products

Here are some other sites like Etsy that you might want to check out:-

  • Artfire
  • iCraft
  • Zibbet
  • Bonanza

#4. Review Websites & Apps and Start Earning

There are many platforms out there that help you earn through this idea. Some of the platforms are:-

  • Enrollapp
  • TestingTime
  • TryMyUI

As per TestingTime. com, you can earn up to €50 per test and you can get paid via Paypal.

#5. Design and Earn

Teespring is a website that can make that happen.

You don’t need to print or ship it. Teespring will do it on your behalf.

Some other websites that have the same concept:-

  • Zazzle
  • Cafepress
  • Spreadshirt
  • Printful

#6. Teach Online Course

This is one of the passive income ideas that may become your primary income.

Skillshare and Teachable are some websites that you can turn to for this venture.

Skillshare pays via royalties.

Teachable has this Plans ( They do have free plans too)

#7. Get paid for giving solutions

People often need expert advice on the problems that occur in their day to day life.

Are you a computer expert? or a Lawyer?

There are more than 175+ categories that you can enroll for.

Check Justanswer.com

#8. Write Poems and Earn

If you like to write poems in your meantime, why not register to those websites that can actually pay you if your poems get published.

Some of them are:-

  • The Sun
  • Poetry Foundation
  • Rattle
  • CrazyHorse
  • Boulevard Magazine

#9. Sell Your College Notes and Get Paid

Are you a College student? Or Do you have any educational material that is handwritten by you?

You surely must have made notes before going to exams right? Well, you can sell them online and get paid for it. How cool, isn’t it?

Some websites you can get paid for selling are:-

  • CourseHero
  • NotesGen
  • NexusNotes
  • OmegaNotes
  • QuestNotes

#10. Publish Your own E-Book and Sell Them

  • Choose a Topic you are Expert In
  • Start Writing on a Doc & Convert to PDF
  • Sell on Gumroad or Amazon ( I Recommend Gumroad )
  • Start Minting Money

Here’s the Pricing Structure of Gumroad

#11. Enroll in Medium Partner Program

  • This is free of cost. Start writing your articles & eventually you will get claps for it.
  • More the number of claps, the higher you will get paid. It also depends on how much time a reader reads your article.

Pays via Stripe

#12. Post on Social Media and Get Paid

Do you know that you can get paid for posting valuable content on Social Media?

You always post on Twitter and Facebook but you don’t get paid for it.

But, Wait! There’s something in store for you.

Do you know about Steemit.com?

It is a website that is powered by the most disruptive technology in the world-Blockchain.

You can earn on by posting, voting and curating.

Earn Steem Dollars-> Convert to BTC → Convert to Local Currency.

Here’s a Screenshot

#13. Get Started with Peer-to-Peer Lending

Basically, in Peer-to-Peer lending, you will be giving money to those who are requesting capital for their venture and business.

What you will get in return is the principal amount + higher interest rates per month.

List of Sites for Peer to Peer Lending:-

  • ProsperLoans
  • LendingClub
  • Upstart
  • Peerform

#14. Start Trading/Investing in the Stock Market

Here’s one Kicker:- Amazon went public in the year 1997, and its share price was just $18 at that time.

If you had purchased $100, you would have got 5 shares. What astounding is that Amazon was $2013/per share in Aug 2018.

That means you would have nearly $120,000. It’s because of the stock splits. A huge 120,000% Return in the span of 21 Years. That’s the effect of compounding.

There are literally thousands of ways to make money & I just listed some of it.

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Thanks for Reading

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