Crossed 1000 Followers on Twitter 🎉 [Here’s How I did it]

Tejas Rane
2 min readJul 26, 2020


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I started from 300 in the month of April not knowing how to grow my Twitter account

They say your 1st 1000 followers are often the hardest.

Btw, I didn’t buy any course.

Just research & analyzed what people are doing & replicated.

Here are some tips for you:-

➡️ Always Reply & Engage with Big accounts on Twitter. Turn on Notifications for big accounts in your niche.

➡️ Comment with valuable input at least 5–7 times a day. It has to be valuable that can spark engagement.

➡️ Quote Retweet at least 1–2 times a day. If you cant reply, Quote retweet.

➡️ Tweet valuable information 1–3 times a day

➡️ Controversial Tweets spike engagements. 1–2 tweets a month is okay for controversial tweets. I see many twitter account doing this. Even Big accounts like DHH ( Founder of Basecamp)

➡️ People should know you for your specific skill. Focus on that & start tweeting

➡️ Hashtags are sh**. I never used it. Nor seen anyone using it. It’s about personal branding on Twitter. Hashtags work for bigger brands.

Last but not least

➡️ You can’t fake it on Twitter. Be Real. Be You!

Hope that helps you.

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