How I Generated ₹14k in Profits Selling eBook Without Building an Audience!

Tejas Rane
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I Get it. People say First Build an Audience & Then the Product.

I wanted to try the other way round. First I Built a Product ( Valuable Guide on Quora Marketing) & Sell it to Relevant Audience.

I have a Main Job as a Digital Marketing Lead in a Growing Startup. I took the time beside the normal 9–5.

It was exhaustive. But anyway, I did it.

In this post, I will share my experience of Selling my Digital Product without Building the Audience Myself & How You Can Too.

My Audience was People Curious about Quora & Wanting to Learn More about Quora Marketing because my Book is based on Quora Marketing. So obviously, budding marketers & business owners were my target audience.

I have written an Entire Experience of Writing 21,221 Words & 17 Chapters on Indiehackers. Enthralling Experience Indeed.

The Article Explains How I Broke the Big Task.

The Strategy That Worked For Me

Coming to this post. I was in one of the Largest Digital Marketing Group with around 165k members. Was a member since1.5 Years from the Date of Writing my Book.

So I Thought Instead of Creating an Audience from Scratch, why not leverage this group but of course not by spamming the shit out of everyone. It was obviously by providing value to the people.

I decided to leverage this Group But not by spamming but by Building Authority in the Group. Establishing & Sharing Knowledgable Insights. By Providing Tips & Actionable Steps to Grow Using Content Marketing.

My Top of the Funnel was really simple.

I would consistently post knowledgable + valuable posts related to my niche each and every day. If I miss one day, that’s fine.

But I will share some real deep posts with the group members.

Some Examples Here:-

Check how I put posts on FB Group.

My FB Post ( Top of the Funnel)
My FB Post 2 ( Top of the Funnel)
My FB Posts ( Top of the Funnel)

I also did AMA Sessions on Content Marketing that got huge engagement.

AMA session on Content Marketing

This way I created a Top of Funnel Strategy that helped me get a lot of traction early on as a Quora Authority.

My aim was to establish myself who knows Quora in and out. Give Actionable Tips on Quora & Write about it.

Btw to give you some background. I started doing Quora Marketing 7–8 months back. It really boosted in the last 4–5 months. Quora started sending my answers to literally 20+ Million People. That was really a confidence booster for me. That got it going.

Coming back to the post, All I did is to post each day on the FB Group.

I was also reposting the same on LinkedIn for 1–2 months straight. LinkedIn’s Organic reach is also quite crazy. So I was Reposting the same on FB Group as well as on LinkedIn.

Consistently doing this helped me get a name for myself inside the group.

The D Day

Before Launching the Book in the group, what I did was giving away the book for free for those are already established themselves in the group.

They will work for me as a Nano Influencer.

Of course, I build a rapport between them these months otherwise it was not possible for me to get their testimonials.

The strategy was to get them on my post and give some honest testimonial for me.

Honest Testimonial was the deal. Not a sympathy testimonial where I bribe them lol. I don't like that. They did like the book.

I had resolved that this would be the best book I have ever written. It did go that way it seemed looking at the reviews and testimonials I got later on.

After I uploaded all my reviews & testimonials I got for my ebook to my landing page, it was time to launch into the FB Group.

Time is an important factor. I was there in the group for 1.5 years and analyzed that the evening time is the time that gets the most engagement.

The night time is when it gets too crowded and hyperactive. I didn't want my post to go bury down due to hyper activeness inside the group.

Btw, Just to tell you group had around 160k members and very much active audience.

I decided to launch at around 8 PM. Since I know Image-based content along with some textual content on the top gets more eyes.

That’s what I did.

Here’s my Launch Post:-

My Launch Post
Engagement on Launch Post

I got around 82 odd clicks and 87 Comments. Good Engagement Overall.

Check the sudden surge in traffic here.

Google Analytics Screenshot during the Launch Day

This sudden surge got the most of the sales for me. And later on, it was quite steady traffic.

FB Group got me a conversion rate of around 7% ( 6.9% to be precise)

Yes, I would have increased that rate by a much higher margin but I didn’t want to overpromote in the group.

Why You Can Do It Too!

If you are that person, who wants to create something and sell digital products online without an audience, then this strategy might be very helpful to you.

If you are low on time or say you want to apply this strategy without spending much time and money to create your own audience, then this low scale effective strategy is well worth implementing.

But of course, you will need such a group as well to accept links over a period of time when you become a recognized member of that community. You need to enter groups and analyze their posts for this.

You can create multiple engagement & funnel strategies around the selling part.

Let's say, for example, I could have done like this, but I didn't for reasons unknown lol.

I should have created a preview of my book and posted it, generating more curiosity by asking people whether they would like to have it.

But I didn't. That could have got more eyes.

Yet another strategy that I could have used was, I was having difficulty choosing the book name, I could have created a post on what should have been a good name for the book and given the book for free for that person if I would have selected that name.

So, there are multiple engagement strategies that you can implement like the one I just explained to you.

So there you have it. My Entire Strategy on How I Generated ₹14k in Profits Selling eBook Without Building an Audience!

If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can claim your brand new copy of Quorific- The Only Quora Marketing Guide You Will Ever Need!

You will get some amazingly actionable tips on How You Can Use Quora!

Thanks for reading. Cheers.

If you have any questions, you can connect with me at Twitter



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