How To Get Good at SEO In 5 Simple Steps| A Simple Guide

1. Analyze Search Results Page

First, search the keyword that you want to rank for in Google. See what type of pages google ranks.

Eg:- If I search for “SEO tools”, you will get a listicle type of posts.

Meaning you would be better off writing an in-depth list type of blog.

2. Know Your Competition

Not every keyword can be outranked. This is especially for new sites having low authority.

According to my experience, if you find any site having a DA/DR less than 20 in the Top 20 results, you should go for it 😉

[I will write a new post for this]

3. Analyze Search Intent

Search your KW on Google. Analyze the search intent. Whether a list type ranks or a post with step by step guide.

It’s all there on Google. You just have to analyze better.

The intent behind the query matters. Write accordingly.

4. Write In-Depth Articles

This is a no brainer. Google loves in-depth articles. Add everything you know about the topic.

Utilize the “People also Ask” section & “Related Searches” to improve, trigger and rank on more keywords.

5. Last but not least, Add Schema.

There are a lot of schemas you can implement to structure your article. In turn, this will optimize & increase your traffic by a lot.

The FAQ schema is my favorite 😎

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P.S:- I am working on an SEO guide for SaaS Marketers & Founders. I will be covering a lot of concepts in this guide. Excited to share it with you. You can join the waitlist here & more details on Twitter

Originally published at on January 23, 2021.



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