SaaS SEO — A Definitive Guide for SaaS Marketers & Founders (2021)

Step #1:- Laying Down Your SEO Strategy

  • List of competitors
  • All the keywords
  • Priority keywords ( These are high intent keywords)

Step #2: Research, Research, Research

  • Keywords
  • Their Volume
  • Their difficulty to rank (you can either use KD metric from Ahrefs or we can manually check using Mozbar, more info below)
  • A tool for keyword research

Step #3:- Collate, Segregate & Prioritize

  • Informational Keywords ( What is {KW}, How to {KW}, Best ways to {KW}
  • High Intent Keywords ( {your brand} pricing, {your brand reviews}
  • Comparison Keywords ( {your brand} vs {brand 1}, {your brand} vs {brand 2})
  • Branded Keywords (keywords that include your brand)
  • Integration Keywords ( people who are looking to connect your services with automation tools, CRM, etc)
  • Evergreen Keywords ( There is a strong overlap with informational keywords. These keywords are evergreen and their search volume never declines, in fact, it might increase over time due to the popularity of these evergreen topics)

Step #4: Write Pillar Articles That Attracts Links

Step #5:- Offer Free Resources and Tools (The Side Project Marketing Approach)

What did they do?


Step 6:- Adapt Programmatic SEO to build 1000s of Landing Pages

What is Programmatic SEO?

Step 7:- Build Links To Boost Rankings

  • Guest Posting ( The Old School SEO Strategy to Build Links)
  • Competitor Outreach
  • Unlinked Mentions
  • Podcast Link Building
  • Data-Driven Link Building Strategy ( more detailed info in my upcoming eBook)
  • Resource Link Building
  • Broken Link Building
  • Round-Ups Link Building
  • SaaS Review Sites Link Building
  • Google Image Reverse Search Link Building
  • Mentions Link Building

Final Thoughts

  • It’s free
  • You get quality customers.
  • You get signups passively without putting many efforts once SEO power kicks in.
  • Focus on SEO from Day 1.
  • Always have an Omnichannel presence.
  • Try 1–2 more platforms to get traffic ( Eg:- Twitter, LinkedIn, Email Lists)
  • Divide energy in a 60–40 ratio. 60% Focus on SEO & 40% Focus on other channels till they grow. (There is no hard and fast rule of the ratio that I suggested. It will differ from person to person and their respective skillsets)
  • Always keep learning and experimenting with different channels for growth.

What’s Next?

  • Complete SEO SaaS Strategy with Step by Step Process
  • In Detail, On-Page SEO to 10x your Traffic (15+ Strategies)
  • SaaS Link Building Strategies To Acquire Links & Boost Rankings (15+ Strategies)
  • Structured Data for Optimizing Blog Posts.
  • SaaS Website Architecture
  • Technical SEO Factors to Consider While Building SaaS
  • SaaS SEO Audit Sheet & Template
  • SEO for Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • International SEO Guide
  • SEO Rank Tracking Sheet ( For Tracking Important KPIs)



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